IMRivers - The Interactive Mapping River Network
Empowering Your Watershed Conservation Community

IMRivers Facilitates:

  • Membership Communication
  • Community Education
  • BMP Enforcement
  • Resource Relationship Analysis
  • Fundraising and more !

Use Multiple Data Sources:

  • Statistics and Spreadsheets
  • Narratives or Commentary
  • Sound and Video Recordings
  • Digital Photos and Scans
  • Website Links - even Twitters !

Current IMRivers Partner Projects:

  • Stream Monitoring and Sampling Results
  • Fish Kills or Pollution Source Reporting
  • Stream Buffer Violations
  • Scenic Sites & Recreational Opportunities
  • Natural or Community Resource Surveys
  • Flooding or Draught Effects
  • Stream Impairments or Boating Hazards

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IMRivers is a web-based mapping system for River Network Partners to develop community action projects and maps for public viewing and input
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